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With the exponential growth of the hospitality industry globally, Winhms offers business partnership opportunity for privilege companies in various countries. Our partners should have well-established marketing and infrastructure facilities in their respective countries.

Winhms partnership program will benefit your organization by:

  • Increasing your revenues multifold with large size deals
  • Leveraging the well established brand Winhms with proven market success
  • Enter into hospitality business through Winhms expertise in this domain
  • Assured immediate ROI no development cost and capitalize on the brand strength to quick start

Winhms Business Partner Program offers you:

  • Complete sales and marketing support
  • Training on software, new releases and product updates to technical and marketing personals
  • Providing free marketing collateral
  • Event participation
  • Providing advertising and communication materials
  • High end product demos
  • Initial handholding of marketing and implementation
  • Help you to penetrate the hospitality market by providing proven business strategy

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