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WINCRUISE is a Cruise Management Software by WINHMS Ghana

Cruise management software comprehensively covers all the operational areas of the cruise liners and tour operators:

  • Cruise Reservation
  • Ship Management

Cruise Reservation

Cruise Reservation system is a web based Reservation system for managing the cruise cabin Reservations, associated services, on-board credit facilities, special requests and amenities. Supports reservations for each voyage.

Supports tour operators booking through Internet. Once the tour operator logins into the system then the system will allow bookings based on their availability. Tour Operators can take reports related to their bookings.

System generates Invoices for the Tour Operators. Supports amendments and cancellations of bookings.

Ship Management

System copies the Manifest from the web based reservations for each voyage wise, prier to few hours of sailings. System is integrated with door locks, Point of Sale, cleaning rooms, Spa, casinos, Epabx, etc. Supports shore excursions and Temporary exit and reentry of passengers.

Supports checkin, billing and checkout process fully.

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