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WINTASK IS A Task Management Software by WINHMS Ghana

WINTASK will automate the following services to enhance the Guest satisfaction in a predefined way:

  • Automated Task Handling
  • Complaint escalation
  • Request escalation
  • Customized alerts
  • PMS alerts
  • Message Handling

Automated TaskHandling Guest or Staff can register the complaint directly through WINTASK compatible devices like phone, PDA, kiosk and terminals. WINTASK will alert to available attendant through auto SMS. It will follow-up with various levels of staff, through a predefined rules of job allocation, until the complaint is closed. Fully automated process of complaint handling will ensure immediate closure of complaints, efficient handling of attendants and visibility on the performance of the staff.

Complaint and Request escalation Maximum closure time for each complaint can be predefined. If the complaint is not resolved within time, system is smart enough to escalate to next higher level or multiple levels by a predefined escalation rules.

Customized Alerts Based on the present date and time WINTASK will auto inform the users and Guest through SMS alerts.

PMS Alerts WINTASK facilitates to set SMS alerts through predefined criteria bases on the PMS events like:

  • VIP level alert to FO manager
  • VVIP level alert to GM
  • Guest arrival thanks message
  • Reservation confirmation, and others

Message Handling Guest messages can be auto transferred to the Guest by SMS

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